Protecting spec wearers

Davettes has created a face shield addressing the needs of fashion eyewear enthusiasts looking for a simple, professional solution to wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).   


“Our face shield was born out of necessity for better communication, protection and pure fabulousness for your PPE needs, said Stephen Fournier, CEO of manufacturer Kingdom Eyewear“After initial test marketing and trials, wearers have given 100% positive feedback.  


One wearer said, I loved the Davettes version, all stainless steel, and has a contour curve at the sides of your face pretty snug and can be easily worn with glasses,’ while another said, ‘Beats a mask 100%. I need one due to my glasses always fogging up with a mask. I absolutely love it. There are times I even forget it’s on. 


Davettes’s Fabulous Face Shield is made of contoured protective plastic and a stainless-steel frameIt attaches to any eyewear frame with silicone-coated clips for easy and wearable function, said the company 

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