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Registration is open for the International Opticians Association (IOA) biennial summit on 7-13 June 2020 in Bangkok.

Sharing the load, safely

One of the world’s most prestigious eye hospitals and ophthalmology training excellence, Moorfields in London, is poised to release further data on the...

Elderly overestimating their vision

A Swedish study shows six out of ten 70-year olds overestimate how well they can see, remaining content with their eyesight even when it deteriorates.

Best optom apps for 2020

Is your mobile phone within reach? Chances are you use your smartphone dozens of times a day in your practice. Rather than having to spend time searching...

AI takes on CL checking

Leda Technology has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system to improve quality control in contact lens production.

Thriving in an online world

There is no getting away from the fact that online shopping is here to stay, which has some repercussions for your bricks and mortar optical store. How...

Rhodes scholar researching RNA-editing

Dr Lewis Fry followed in the footsteps of Lorde, Lydia Ko and Eliza McCartney in winning the prestigious AIMES (Arts, Innovation, Music, Education, Sport)...

Faster, cheaper test for myopia

Myopia could be easier to assess thanks to research at Flinders University, which has identified a new method to measure how it affects the eye.

Innovative, tiny tech

Bosch Sensortec has launched the next generation of smart eyewear, Innovative Light Drive, offering hands-free information in a minimalist format.

Google screening for anaemia

Google Health has announced a novel, non-invasive method to screen for anaemia. In a study published by Nature Biomedical Engineering, researchers applied...

Celebrating the practice manager

This year’s RANZCO Practice Managers’ conference got off to a roaring start with the keynote speaker address by Tracey Spicer, Australian journalist and...

Retinal reading review

Handbook of Pediatric Retinal OCT and the Eye-Brain Connection by Cynthia Tong and Sally Ong

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