Audio on Auckland buses

Auckland bus travellers could soon receive audio announcements of upcoming stops in a new a plan to improve accessibility for blind and low vision users of public transport.

Auckland Transport’s (AT) board approved a range of initiatives in early December, as part of a new Accessibility Action Plan, which sets out work to be undertaken between 2020 and 2022. 

AT’s group manager of policy and sustainability, Hamish Bunn, says year one of the plan will see audio on buses progress through the investigation stage. Year two should see its implementation.

“The purpose of the document is to outline the actions that Auckland Transport will undertake over the next three years to improve accessibility,” Bunn said.

“It is an outcome of the Auckland Transport Disability Policy (2013), Auckland Council’s Disability Operational Action Plan and the Auckland Plan 2050 (2018), which has made accessible services and infrastructure a key focus area for the city.”

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