Compact auto-phoropter breakthrough

US researchers have developed iCrx, an auto-phoropter that uses laser technology to determine eyewear prescription in 20 seconds without input from the viewer.  
“This is a new technology that may revolutionise eye care for millions of people,” said Professor Nasser Peyghambarian. “The hand-held device we will bring to market is smaller, faster and much less expensive than current equipment as it does not require a large number of lenses; instead, it uses a series of fluidic lenses that can change their focal length by pumping fluid in and out of a chamber.”
The automated device will make examination easier, particularly in the case of children and aging adults who may not provide accurate feedback when using conventional phoropters, said inventors. It is also well-suited for use in developing countries due to its low cost and ease of use. 
Inventor of LASIK surgery Professor Gholam Peyman is on the project team, which has received funding from Tucson’s UAVenture Capital to help advance iCrx through the FDA approval process, said researchers.  

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