Costco Optical enters NZ

Low cost megastore Costco is coming to Auckland and its optometry arm is too. Costco Optical will be part of the US bulk retail giant’s first foray into New Zealand, with an in-house optometry practice planned as part of the chosen warehouse site in West Auckland.

Costco spokeswoman Casey Lang told NZ Optics, “We will have an in-house optical centre. All our warehouses have these. They are in-house rather than franchised and we have an optical lab in Sydney most prescriptions go through.”

Emergency appointments will be offered at Costco Optical Auckland as well as a full range of optometry services for adults and children, including visual field testing, binocular vision and dry eye assessments, glaucoma checks and screening for other eye diseases, said Lang.

Costco is the world’s second largest retailer behind Walmart. It opened in Australia in 2009 and now has 11 stores there, all with optical departments. It’s New Zealand announcement in mid-June was marked by a visit to the 14,000sqm warehouse site by Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, Costco Wholesale Australia managing director Patrick Noone, Waitakere councillor Linda Cooper and Campbell Barbour, general manager of the New Zealand Retail Property Group, the company contracted to develop the site.

Construction is expected to begin imminently, once all the regulatory consents have been gained. An expected completion date has not yet been released.

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