Design with Pascal Jaulent

Face à Face founder Pascal Jaulent, head designer of the Design Eyewear Group (DEG) describes himself as a conductor, working with DEG’s designers to ensure the quality and creativity of each of DEG’s brands, Face à Face, WOOW, Prodesign, InFace, Kilsgaard Eyewear and Nifities.

“My main focus and mission as a creative director of the group is to respect each of the brands, to keep them true to their DNA in a harmonious but different way.”

“The market doesn’t need more frames, it needs stories, new emotions,” explains Jaulent who fondly describes each of the differences between his brands, admitting how he enjoys the creativity of some and the technical considerations of others.

As to fashion, Jaulent says Face à Face is a true trend setter, while some of the other, more younger-focused brands work more closely with trends, incorporating them into their designs. One of the trends currently abounding is the bohemian spirit of the ‘70s and ‘80s, he says, which is influencing his designs, especially within Kilsgaard and WOOW. Face à Face’s new range, however, has been inspired by the work of Edwart, a Paris-based chocolatier. “It’s a synergistic collaboration… designed to mix the senses,” explains Jaulent.

Australasian DEG buyer, Eyes Right’s Mark Wymond also drew attention to Face à Face’s new sun range, which he says was beautiful with a strong luxury feel. “I can’t wait to introduce it to the New Zealand and Australian market,” he said, together with the “stunning” new point of sale material.

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Silmo Paris returns in 2019 from 27 to 30 September.

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