Device Technologies: Dealing with new sterilisation standards

Device Technologies’ Ian Hopkins and Mitch Varnam joined Kiwi rep Diego Sonderegger on Device’s stand at the RANZCO NZ conference to demonstrate the newly introduced Melag steriliser systems.

With new sterilisation standards for reprocessing reusable medical devices now in place, surgeries need to analyse their current processes to make sure they comply, said Varnam. Manual washing of surgical devices for instance used to be compliant, but isn’t under the new rules, she said. The changes are consistent with European standards, said Hopkins, and while hospitals are required to comply by December 2021, smaller surgeries need to be able to demonstrate they are working towards compliance.

Other news from Device, included Diagnosys’ Envoy, a new compact electrophysiology system for macula and ganglion cell testing, compliant with pattern electroretinography (PERG) and pattern visual evoked potential (VEP) testing standards. “The Envoy was recently introduced in New Zealand and its unique system offers very high image quality. Compared to other solutions currently on the market, it’s incredibly compact and portable,” said Sonderegger.

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