Free dispensing introduction booklet

The Optical Distributors and Manufacturers Association (ODMA) has published a newly revamped and updated version of its highly practical Basic Lens Dispensing booklet.

Aimed at those new to optics and optical dispensing, the guide includes sections on contact lenses, industry terminology, coating and lens designs, progressive lens fitting, frame technologies and selling tips.

The aim of the booklet is to increase the dispensing skill pool in the market, especially in Australia where optical dispensing is still unregulated, said ODMA CEO Finola Carey. “It’s an introduction for people who aren’t qualified yet. It’s been re-written and expanded, it’s unfettered by any influencers and our members are giving them away free to anyone who wants one.”

Practice owners and managers on both sides of the Tasman can request copies from any of their visiting ODMA representatives.

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