Innovative, tiny tech

Bosch Sensortec has launched the next generation of smart eyewear, Innovative Light Drive, offering hands-free information in a minimalist format. 

Thanks to its compact and light design, the Light Drive system can turn almost any regular spectacles into smartglasses, said Bosch Sensortec’s CEO Stefan Finkbeiner. “The Light Drive technology revolutionises all-day wearables with perceived total transparency for the user, and with radical social acceptance because it is nearly invisible to others.” 

The holographic technology enables hands-free, secure viewing of practically any data from a connected mobile device, such as a paired smartphone, overlaid in a comfortable viewing position. The projected high-resolution image is crisp, bright, private and clearly visible even in direct sunlight, thanks to its adaptive brightness, said the company.  

The Light Drive technology is compatible with curved and corrective lenses, making the technology suitable for users wearing prescription glasses and will be available in 2021. 


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