Look Sharp hooks Ugly Fish

Look Sharp Eyewear is the new distributor for Ugly Fish Eyewear’s optical and sun ranges in New Zealand.


Having launched Ugly Fish optical at Omega19, founder and CEO of Ugly Fish owner Piranha Eyewear, Faraz Darabi said now’s the time for the brand to receive full-time care from a local Kiwi distributor. “The synergy between Piranha and Look Sharp, as well as our compatibility and goals, are perfectly aligned. Look Sharp’s focus is frames. It can knuckle down on growing the brand exponentially across New Zealand.”


Look Sharp territory manager Jamie Smith said he’s excited to have Ugly Fish onboard. “We have a close working relationship with ILS who used to manage the Ugly Fish sunglass range and had initiated conversations with Piranha Eyewear about doing its optical collection (so) it seemed natural for us to represent the whole collection in New Zealand.”


Look Sharp is a solution-focused company, said Smith. “We like to offer something that solves a problem and fulfils a need. Ugly Fish offers functional products catering to the motorcycle and safety industries, fishing and outdoors, children and optical frames, and has carved out a niche in the market offering high-quality eyewear at a mid-range price point. Its new optical and sun collections fit very well into our portfolio, where every brand serves a different purpose.”


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