Myopia, presbyopia research awards deadline extended

Coopervision has extended the submission deadline for its 2020 Science and Technology Awards, focusing on new research concepts to address myopia and presbyopiato 12 June 2020.  

Since launching the Awards in 2014, Coopervision has awarded four grants totalling US$2 million to investigate topics such as ocular surface health, contact lens discomfort, contact lens functionality and retinal response to optical defocus. 

There are two types of awards: the Coopervision Seedling Award, which provides up to $US100,000 for a one-year investigation into early stage concepts; and the Coopervision Translational Research Award, a two-year grant up to US$400,000 for substantive projects, designed to encourage collaboration with Coopervision researchers into new areas. 

The awards are open to any researcher who has principal investigator status holding an OD, MD, PhD or equivalent degree. Applicants such as postdoctoral fellows with a waiver of PI status must submit appropriate documentation before funding can be disbursed. 

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