New app to access eyecare

Start-up VisionBanker is tapping in to the Asian eyecare market using technologies like blockchain, mobile apps and facial recognition to help patients get more accessible eyecare and better-fitting eyewear while encouraging users to do regular eye check-ups using a token system (VBK tokens). 

Using the VisionBanker app, patients can store their records on blockchain, allowing them to easily check their prescription and track their vision over time. A virtual try-on process will allow users to tap into facial recognition technology to analyse the geometry of their faces and virtually try on different frames to find the best fit.  

Eye care professionals are also incentivised, through a token system, to provide answers to questions posed by the app's users. It will create a decentralised, accessible public register allowing patients to access help with their eyecare needs easily, said VisionBanker CEO David Sew 

The VisionBanker app is due to launch in Southeast Asia in 2020 and worldwide from 2021. 

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