Optica: ultimate personalization

Bursting with colour and interesting, smaller optical products, tools and gadgets of all description, Optica Life Accessories’ stand also unveiled a new level of personalisation capability at O=Mega19.

Nestled within its case display were some highly personalised cases, displaying not just the practice’s name but, if you want it, the patient’s too.

“We can effectively take any image or photograph you like and add that to a case. So, we can highly personalise it to your area or even your patient,” said Optica’s Brent Rundell. “(Practice owners) have been asking us if there was a way we could deliver that ultimate personalised experience to the customer, and it’s been a challenge to be able to work out how to that, but we’ve now found a way, and it’s very affordable.”

Practice owners can either ask their patient’s if they’d like a personalised case and give them a choice to choose from or, perhaps even better, just surprise them with the personalised case when they come in to pick up their new glasses, he said.

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