Optometry Vic and SA join forces

Optometry Australia reports two of its federated organisations, Optometry Victoria and Optometry Southern Australia will amalgamate.

CEO Lyn Brodie said the amalgamation vote represented the largest number of members to ever vote for any constitutional change in each of the organisations’ history. “The more than 95 per cent yes vote is an emphatic endorsement for unity. The union of these two proud and long-standing organisations marks an evolution in keeping with our Optometry 2040 project – which is about taking control of, and shaping optometry’s future over the next 20 years. Members in Victoria and South Australia have clearly identified the efficiencies which will result from the merger and how these will enhance the services they receive and the opportunities they bring to advance optometry,” Ms Brodie said.

Optometry Victoria President Murray Smith also welcomed the result: “This is a resounding show of support for our shared vision. We must continue to show leadership within the federation and demonstrate that collaboration and collegiality is the way forward, for the profession and the association alike.”

Optometry South Australia President Kurt Larsen said the organisation was hoping to get the proposal over the line, “but 97 per cent saying yes is staggering. It clearly demonstrates that members are ready for the innovation and changes required to keep our organisation strong. We are excited and look forward to the road ahead which we will now travel with our colleagues in Victoria.”

For an earlier article on the proposed merger see this article.

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