Phase II trial for wet AMD

Phase IIb clinical trials have begun to test the effects of an orally administered small molecule CCR3 inhibitor in wet AMD patients.

Biotechnology company Alkahest announced the trial will assess the impact of the AKST4290 drug on visual acuity in treatment-naïve neovascular AMD patients after three doses of anti-VEGF therapy.

“The initiation of this randomised phase 2b trial represents an important milestone for our clinical development programme in age-related macular degeneration,” said Alkahest CEO Karoly Nikolich.

“While the current standard of care for neovascular AMD is effective, the high burden of therapy leads to significant undertreatment and sub-optimal outcomes. If safe and effective, adding a convenient oral agent to the treatment options for neovascular AMD would address a significant unmet patient and medical need.”

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