Rodenstock: The revolutionary DNEye, Xtra Clean

Rodenstock: The revolutionary DNEye, Xtra Clean

Aiming to revolutionise the way lenses are made, Rodenstock unveiled its new DNEye Scanner 2, which can personalise each and every lens to a patient’s specific visual and physiological requirements.

With detailed visualisation of the wavefronts and simulation of ametropia, the DNEye 2 calculates both low and high order aberrations for distance and near vision, pupil sizes and pupil reaction to brightness. According to the company, with accurate transmission to 1/100 dioptres, integrated corneal topography and autorefractor function, the new technology also measures refraction opacities, features an integrated Scheimpflug pachymeter and provides detailed analysis of the anterior eye chamber and an air blast applanation tonometer for contactless measurement of intraocular pressure. The data is delivered directly to Rodenstock’s HQ in Munich where the ideal correction and lens design for the patient is calculated and the lens produced to fit their individual spectacles, said Dr Dietmar Uttenweiler, Rodenstock’s head of R&D. “This is unique in the world. We have completely altered the way lenses are calculated.”

Since 1900, a general model of the human eye has been used for lens calculations, but the DNEye scanner measures the individual anatomy of each eye, he said. “It’s very attractive for an optometrist to use, because if you produce lenses that result in satisfied customers, the likelihood of them buying spectacles anywhere else is significantly reduced and they spread the word.”

Practices in Europe, which have had the DNEye for longer, have reported double digit sales growth, said Dr Uttenweiler, while Rodenstock data shows that 92% of patients reported seeing more sharply than before, 80% had better dusk vision, 84% reported enhanced contrast vision and 98% said they’d recommend Rodenstock lenses with DNEye to others. The new technology also impressed the independent O=Mega19 judges, who awarded Rodenstock the top award for lens design.

Xtra Clean lens coating

Also causing a bit of a stir was Rodenstock’s new Xtra Clean lens coating, which allows water, makeup and dust to just roll off.

Taking several years to develop, one of the best things about the new coating technology is how easy it is to demonstrate, said Dr Uttenweiler. In another Rodenstock study, 93% of spectacle wearers confirmed Xtra Clean Finish lenses are easier to clean than their current lenses, while 100 % confirmed their lenses can easily be cleaned without streaks or residue.

Both the scanner and lens coating technology are unique to Rodenstock, said Dr Uttenweiler, and both give a practice a strong point of difference.

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