Snapchat specs - third time lucky?

Snap, creator of Snapchat, has launched a new version of its augmented reality (AR), picture-taking sunglasses in September’s Vogue, with a stylish design and an HD camera for depth perception.  

The company’s previous AR eyewear ventures famously flopped, costing the company millions after overestimating demand. Its new, more expensive model is targeted beyond its college-aged core user group, towards a smaller group of ‘fashion-forward’ creative types, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel told Vogue 

Like previous editions, the Spectacles 3 incarnation allows wearers to easily capture photos and videos by tapping a button on top of the frames, with content automatically uploaded to the Snapchat app. Ultimately, the goal is “computing overlays on the world”, said Spiegel.  

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