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The ZEISS CT LUCIA 621P/PY is a new generation of aspheric, monofocal, hydrophobic C-loop intraocular lens (IOL) featuring the patented ZEISS Optic (ZO) asphericity concept, designed to provide exceptional vision for a broad variety of eyes. Due to its architecture, this fully preloaded IOL enables very stable positioning in the capsular bag for consistent and excellent outcomes.


Assessing this new lens for local New Zealand conditions in an investigator-initiated trial is Auckland-based cataract and refractive surgeon Dr Dean Corbett. Currently developing the study design protocols, Dr Corbett’s first implantation of this new lens is imminent.


“ZEISS has been a strong partner in industry, committed to proactive and reactive responses to ophthalmologists’ demands,” said Dr Corbett. “The arrival of a one-piece traditional hydrophobic acrylic with the benefits of proven ZEISS optics and reliable delivery systems is something I am looking forward to using.”


The patented ZO asphericity concept of the ZEISS CT LUCIA 621P/PY is designed to compensate for a wide range of aberrations resulting from different corneal shapes and lens positions. This allows it to be particularly forgiving to decentration, thus delivering more consistent visual outcomes.


Such decentrations of varying magnitudes are not uncommon. Besides the asymmetry of the eye, decentration of IOLs can occur due to poor capsular or zonular support, decentred capsulorhexis, asymmetric shrinkage of the capsular bag, misplacement of the haptics or IOL luxation in eyes with pseudoexfoliation. The CT LUCIA 621P/PY is designed to accommodate for these variations, providing clinicians with a reliable lens choice for a range of patients.


At the heart of the ZO asphericity concept is its bi-aspheric design, which combines clarity of the aberration correcting optic centrally with the benefits of an aberration neutral optic in the periphery. This concept is designed to provide excellent visual outcomes for a broad range of surgical situations. Optical simulations with various aspherical optic designs also show that the ZEISS CT LUCIA 621P delivers excellent image quality under photopic and mesopic conditions, even at larger decentrations.


ZEISS CT LUCIA 621P/PY also features an optic-haptic junction designed for refractive stability. Coupled with step-vaulted C-loop haptics, this facilitates centring while maximising direct capsular contact, thus optimising stability and supporting a consistent, stable axial IOL position in the capsular bag.


A recent real-world surgical evaluation of the ZEISS CT LUCIA 621P in a routine setting by Dr Antonino Cuttitta1,2 confirmed the robust predictability and safety of the IOL, with very good clarity of vision for patients postoperatively. The evaluation included 60 eyes of patients aged between 51 and 91 with cataracts, with the majority of patients having concomitant diseases, such as hypertension or diabetes, that could potentially affect visual outcomes.


The results showed excellent positional stability as assessed by the IOLMaster 700, with no significant change between one week and one month after surgery. In this study, the ZEISS CT LUCIA 621P also achieved very good corrected distance visual acuity (CDVA) results, with a mean monocular CDVA for eyes targeted for emmetropia (n=45) of 0.97 ± 0.08 (decimal; mean ± SD) one month after surgery. Additionally, over 84% of eyes in this group achieved a CDVA of 1.0 (decimal) or better. Using a patient data set – containing patients both with and without significant astigmatism – that compared achieved and targeted refraction at one month after surgery, it was found that 75% of eyes achieved a spherical equivalent (SE) within ±0.5 D of the targeted refraction.


In addition to the advantages of the lens itself, the design of its fully preloaded injection system is intended to make handling easier and intuitive. Recent enhancements simplify the surgical workflow, providing a smooth preparation process that enables successful implantation in an easy and efficient manner.


In summary, the new CT LUCIA is an important addition to the ZEISS intraocular lens portfolio, introducing the option of a hydrophobic C-loop lens to its range for the first time. This new innovation promises to introduce a whole new group of surgeons to the optical and mechanical advantages of the ZEISS Optic design combined with an easy and intuitive pre-loaded injection system.


Disclosure and reference

  1. Dr Cuttitta has a contractual or other financial relationship with Carl Zeiss Meditec and has received financial support
  2. Based on cohort data collected from Dr Cuttitta (University of Palermo, Italy) after implantation of CT LUCIA 621P IOLs in sixty eyes. Internal report on CT LUCIA 621P data collection (Dr Cuttitta) - Version 1.1 dated 19.11.2019


For more, https://www.zeiss.com/meditec/int/product-portfolio/iols/monofocal-iols/ct-lucia-family.html


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