The emotional benefit of CLs

A survey of more than 5,000 contact lens wearers has revealed some of the deeper, more emotional benefits people gain from wearing contact lenses (CLs), highlighting an opportunity to introduce them to more patients.  


“We initiated this project to help eye care professionals (ECP) recognise and articulate sometimes overlooked emotional benefits of contact lenses, yet which play essential roles in patient choice and ongoing satisfaction,” said Dr Gary OrsbornCoopervision vice president, global professional, medical & clinical affairs 


When asked about vision, 86% of respondents agreed they expect their ECP to recommend soft contact lenses that provide the best possible vision correction for their eyes, regardless of cost. These results support the evidence that ECPs have to recommend the most appropriate lens for patients, which may include a toric or multifocal optionwithout second guessing what that patient is willing to pay,” said the Coopervision report.   


When asked about the more emotive benefits of CL wear, nearly 90% of CL-wearing respondents agreed CLs had improved their quality of life and had allowed them to live their lives on their own terms 


The survey, Beyond Vision Correction: The Real Impact of Contact Lens Wear on Patients, was commissioned by Coopervision as part of its Consumer Insight Series. It surveyed more than 35,000 people, including a total of 5,117 contact lens wearers, split evenly across Germany, Japan, Spain, the UK and the US 


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