Toomac: Brumaba Genius Eye

Toomac’s team Ian MacFarlane and Mark Taylor were showcasing the new, bright red Brumaba Genius Eye operating table.

“The Genius Eye is specially developed for eye surgery and essentially offers superior flexibility to position the patient, irrespective of their size, comfortably,” said MacFarlane, adding a comfortable patient is more likely to lie still, which is critical to successful cataract surgery.

German made, the Genius Eye is compatible with Haag-Streit and Bausch and Lomb surgical suits. “It’s slightly wider than its predecessor and can handle up to 250kg. Its viscoelastic slabs with integrated armrests offer extra comfort, the four-wheel undercarriage is designed for super easy transport and it comes with a high-performance battery, covering over 100 surgical cycles without interim charging.”

Also on Toomac’s stand were the team from Glaukos, who were fielding questions about the Glaukos’ iStent inject for glaucoma patients. Following the conference, the results of an independent, international study showed standalone implantation of the iStent trabecular micro-bypass system in eyes with substantial glaucoma disease achieved a 42% reduction in mean intraocular pressure (IOP) to 14.6mmHg and an 82% reduction in mean medications to 0.55 at three years postoperative.

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