CLC: Evolve combines to combat DED

Launched this year and taking pride of place on Corneal Lens Corporation’s (CLC’s) stand was the company’s latest addition to the Evolve, preservative-free, sterile multi-dose eye drops for dry eye range. Evolve Intensive Gel is a unique combination of Evolve’s Carbomer 980 and its hyaluronate products and glycerol, which act together to provide intensive, durable hydration for patients with moderate to severe forms of dry eye disease (DED), said CLC’s Graeme Curtis. “They are all amazing products, but this is particularly great. There are lots of options out there, but this has that triple action, catering for all aspects of dry eye. It’s really unique.” Evolve Intensive Gel comes in an easy-squeeze eye-drop bottle containing 360 drops and, like the rest of the Evolve range, contains no preservatives, phosphates or buffers, he said.


The CCLZNZ conference was the first opportunity the CLC team has had to showcase the latest addition to the TheraTears Sterilid range. The new Sterilid antimicrobial eyelid cleanser contains hypochlorous acid, a natural antimicrobial substance produced by the body’s immune system. It has also been specially formulated to last up to two years, said Curtis.


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