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Support for optom-performed YAG

Staff reporters Dec 2023

US study has shown optometrist-performed Nd:YAG laser capsulotomies to be safe and effective.

Under pressure from glaucoma

Dr Divya Perumal Dec 2023

Dr Divya Perumal presents two challenging glaucoma cases and their management.

Fiona Bamforth shares clinical highlights and reflections from the Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Association meeting 2023. 

SCHS approves MIGS, artificial irises

Lesley Springall Dec 2023

After more than five years and four applications, Southern Cross has added minimally invasive glaucoma surgery devices to its members’ policies...


ISBCS: the UK’s new normal?

Staff reporters Dec 2023

Luxurious, bold and detailed

Staff reporters Dec 2023

RANZCO 2023: accolades and awards

Staff reporters Dec 2023

Long-term canaloplasty success

Staff reporters Dec 2023

The inequity of DR screening

Staff reporters Dec 2023

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A global optometry outlook Down Under

Stephanie Mander Nov 2023

OSO 2023: the greatest show

Alex Petty Nov 2023

A coming-of-BioAge story

Drew Jones Nov 2023