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Even for patients with advanced dementia, many eye examination steps can be appropriately adapted.

Eyerising refutes red-light warning

Susanne Bradley 27/02/2024

The team behind Eyerising's myopia management device strongly rebutt claims that low-level red-light (LLRL) therapy can put the retina at risk.

Where have all the men gone?

Catherine Small 27/02/2024

My optometry class was the university’s first to have females in the majority. The school's then head vowed to make us cry before we graduated. 


LETTER: optometrists’ use of the ‘Dr’ title

Kristine Hammond and Elmarie Stander 26/02/2024

The ODOB shares its concerns and issues guidelines on using the title 'Dr' if you are an optometrist.


HZO recurrence linked to vaccine

Staff reporters 01/03/2024

Refractive smartglasses?

Staff reporters 01/03/2024

Organic lens disinfection success

Staff reporters 29/02/2024

Chains expanding services in Australia

Staff reporters 28/02/2024

CCLS 2024: mixing for success

Susanne Bradley 25/02/2024

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Retina research review: DR, GA and PAMM

Dr Francesc March de Ribot 01/03/2024

As easy as riding a bike

David Slack 18/02/2024

AI in the eyes of the law

Jessie Lapthorne 15/02/2024


DED: looking back for today's best practice

Professor Jennifer Craig 10/02/2024

Sharing viewpoints at the Mātai symposium

Associate Professor Graham Wilson 06/02/2024