Magnifiers distributor change

Magnifiers New Zealand will now be distributing its magnifiers direct, providing New Zealand optometry practices with a dedicated magnifier specialist, said co-owner Brian Black.


Previously distributed by Eyeline Optical, the move is in response to changes in today’s magnifying industry, said Black, the former owner of Eyeline Optical. “With a new and much larger range of magnifiers, digital models becoming available and a whole new range of UK-developed low-vision illuminated magnifiers, it became obvious that our market and the New Zealand optometry profession is far better served by specialist knowledge and support.”


Magnifiers NZ was established in 2015 by Michael Blaxall and Black. Blaxall and his late father, Peter, are well known locally and internationally for their magnifier knowledge, especially by many of the large low-vision and blindness institutions, said Black. Magnifiers NZ has published a new catalogue with an extended and updated range of products and will continue the ‘approve-before-purchase’ service and manage any product guarantees, he added. Eyeline Optical will continue to supply 3M Press-On (Fresnel) prisms and aspheric lenses and the OPTX stick-on D segs.


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