ONZ: What’s all the fuss about?!

Ophthalmology New Zealand (ONZ) is the business arm of ophthalmology in New Zealand. In contrast to, and perhaps synergistic with the RANZCO NZ branch, ONZ fulfills a number of critical roles, supported by our overall strategic plan: www.ophthalmologynz.co.nz. Our key goals are:


  1. To support NZ ophthalmologists and their patients
  2. To advocate for freedom of choice for patients
  3. To maximise transparency of care delivery for patients


The ONZ board consists of Drs Dean Corbett (chair), Sonya Bennett (treasurer), Michael Merriman, Logan Mitchell and Derrell Meyer. We would also like to acknowledge the work of Drs Shenton Chew and Nic Johnston, who recently stepped down after serving on the board for several years. We are currently scouting for an additional board member (hopefully female!) and we would love to have representation of Māori members and other ethnic groups to improve the diversity of the board.


ONZ achievements over the past three years:

  1. Real gains in Southern Cross Health Insurance (SCHI) reimbursements resulting in better patient care:
    1. Corneal collagen crosslinking code
    2. Paediatric consults now a ‘long/complex’ reimbursement
    3. Glaucoma subcommittee enabling Xen gel stent implant funding
  2. A high level of membership and increased awareness among members of our activities, goals and projects
  3. Recognition with a lifetime award for Dr Kevin Taylor, who has been tireless in his support for ONZ
  4. Involvement in the Insurance Contract Law Review, resulting in greater transparency of regulations for insurance providers


ONZ’s current focus:

  • Registrar support through our annual registrar Zoom/in-person meeting, addressing business and other non-clinical aspects of being an ophthalmologist, including understanding job contracts, private sector engagement, legal advice options and selecting and changing jobs
  • Preparing for our annual business meeting ‘The other matters’ on 9 September 2022 at the The Northern Club, Auckland
  • Engaging with funders in the public and private sector to generate more efficient and effective outcomes for our members and their patients


To become a member, simply fill out this form www.ophthalmologynz.co.nz/assets/Uploads/ONZ-Membership-Application-Form-2019.pdf and send to admin@ophthalmologynz.co.nz


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