SPONSORED: ZEISS PhotoFusion X Lenses: more comfort, better performance

ZEISS PhotoFusion X is the new and improved generation of photochromic lenses based on an entirely new photochromic system. With this relaunch, transition speed is significantly improved. In addition, comprehensive blue-light protection both in- and outdoors is provided by a new base lens material.


The latest ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses use a completely new photochromic system with faster dyes in a robust yet more open carrier matrix. In numbers, this means ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses darken up to 60% faster than the previous generation of ZEISS PhotoFusion¹. It’s even more important for many spectacle wearers that lenses fade back fast when moving from outside to inside. Elmarie Pretorius at ZEISS confirms, "Many eyeglass wearers appreciate the convenience of self-tinting eyeglass lenses, but fear that the fade back process is too slow and that they are literally 'in the dark' indoors for a long time. With the new generation of photochromic lenses, we have succeeded in accelerating the fade back up to 80% faster than the previous generation².”


With today’s on-the-go lifestyle, eyeglass wearers are familiar with the problem of regularly switching from clear to sunglasses. And most of the time, the prescription sunglasses are not at hand when they are needed. ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses offer the advantage of glare and UV protection outdoors without the need for separate glasses. It provides UV protection of up to 400 nanometres in any state, whether clear or dark.


But what's so unique about the new generation of self-tinting lenses? The new generation photochromic lenses are based on ZEISS BluePro lens material. The eyeglass lenses absorb up to 94% of potentially harmful blue light outdoors when activated and 50% indoors in clear state – both in the wavelength range between 400 and 455nm³.


Currently, photochromic lenses account for more than 11% of all eyeglass lenses sold worldwide. The segment is growing twice as fast as the overall global market for eyeglass lenses⁴. "With the significant improvement in the performance of our self-tinting eyeglass lenses, the increasing consumer awareness of blue-light protection and the new trendy options offered by the ZEISS PhotoFusion X portfolio, we are confident about the future of this eyeglass lens segment," says Elmarie Pretorius at ZEISS.


ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses are available in most RX designs and with all ZEISS coatings.

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