Frames from recycled lenses launched

A planet-friendly example of circular design, Fused is a three-piece line of frames made from recycled spectacle lenses. Like his Lens Lights collection (see related story), the collaboration between designer Yair Neuman and eyewear manufacturer Cubitts uses Neuman’s innovative new Delerex material (see separate story). The three easy-to-wear shapes are square based, round based and a new panto version, all inspired by classic 1930s and 1940s styles, with other bespoke options hand-crafted in Cubitts’ London workshop.


“I hope the work I do will encourage people to use the term ‘waste’ less. I personally see very few things as waste. Using innovation, most of the stuff around us can be ever circulating,” said Neuman. “Our planet is a closed ecosystem. Hand-made pieces like Fused are very likely to serve you for much longer than a throw-away, mass-produced product.”


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