‘Indestructible’ Nano Vista sun clips

With Nano Vista’s handy new magnetic Solar Clip, kids can now transform their ‘indestructible’ Nano original frames into sunglasses, protecting them from harmful UV rays.

“The Nano range is fantastic. Comfortable, light and adjustable, these hypoallergenic and BPA-free children’s frames essentially offer three glasses in one, including adjustable band and mini-band for sport and game moments,” said Trish Orr from distributor BTP International Designz.

Nano Vista also offers a blue-light clip, effectively blocking 75% of blue light, which the company claims is the highest percentage on the market. Available in nine styles, two sizes and in colours for toddlers, children, pre-teens and teens.


For distributors in New Zealand, please refer to the OIG or https://eyeonoptics.co.nz/nz-optics/SearchableOIG?id=63


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