Introducing the power of LLLT
Ophthalmopro's Mia Cantelmi demonstrates Espansione's new low-level light therapy mask with the help of optometrist Tim Eagle

Introducing the power of LLLT

May 9, 2024 Staff reporters

Attracting significant interest in the CCLS 2024 exhibition hall, Ophthalmopro’s Eye-Light IPL device complete with low-level light therapy (LLLT) mask enables eyecare practitioners to combine intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments with LLLT to treat dry eye and many other ophthalmic conditions.


Originally developed by NASA, LLLT is a non-invasive therapy that uses low-level red-light energy to treat a range of conditions, including cancer. It has been found to improve cellular function and reduce inflammation, with ophthalmic studies linking it to a marked improvement in dry eye disease (DED) symptoms, including significantly better tear break-up times and meibomian gland function1-5.


“Espansione’s low-level light therapy mask is patented photobiomodulation technology which has set a new medical standard in painlessly and effectively treating patients and the majority of ocular surface conditions,” said Ophthalmopro territory manager Mia Cantelmi. The LLLT technology triggers biochemical and biophysical reactions that stimulate the cells’ mitochondria to better synthesise proteins, increasing and stabilising the tear lipid layer. “Unlike traditional IPL, LLLT can be used on children as young as four-years-old and on any skin pigment, significantly increasing the patients you can treat and increasing your revenue,” said Cantelmi.


Espansione’s LLLT mask uses red, blue and yellow light frequencies, which have been used by eyecare professionals for a range of ocular treatments, including DED (MGD), dry AMD, contact lens discomfort, pre- and post-cataract/refractive surgery, blepharitis, chalazion, styes, rosacea, Demodex, Sjögren syndrome and post-blepharoplasty, she said. “Espansione is also currently in the process of carrying out clinical research and trials for myopia management with their LLLT mask, which is also very exciting.”



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