The Pupil Project: low-vision reality
ABC journalist and former Paralympic swimmer Braedan Jason’s video depicts how hard it is to find the best before date

The Pupil Project: low-vision reality

June 18, 2024 Staff reporters

Vision Australia has launched ‘The Pupil Project’, a new video series designed to foster understanding of vision issues by showing how the world looks through the eyes of someone with low vision.


Research commissioned by Vision Australia showed that two out of every three Australians don't know how to assist people with low vision. This is problematic, said the charity, as almost half a million Australians currently live with low vision, with this number predicted to increase by 25% by 2030.


The new video series shares five real-life scenarios low vision people often find themselves facing to raise awareness of the real challenges and misconceptions they experience. It was inspired by workshops with people who are blind or have low vision, said Vision Australia.


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