Eye2Gene and Heidelberg join forces
Dr Nikolas Pontikos, lead researcher for Eye2Gene

Eye2Gene and Heidelberg join forces

June 8, 2024 Staff reporters


Ophthalmic solutions company Heidelberg Engineering has partnered with Eye2Gene, an artificial intelligence (AI)-focused research project based at the University College London Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields Eye Hospital.


“The collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing ophthalmic diagnostics and personalised treatment approaches. By combining Eye2Gene’s cutting-edge AI algorithm with Heidelberg Engineering image quality and innovative workflow solutions, the partnership aims to revolutionise the care pathway for patients with inherited retinal disease (IRD),” said the organisations in a joint statement at ARVO 2024.


"Because inherited diseases are rare, they are challenging to diagnose for most non-specialists," said Nikolas Pontikos, lead researcher for Eye2Gene. “By training and validating a deep learning network with Spectralis (Heidelberg’s multimodal imaging platform) we can engineer an expert AI solution that may play an important role in democratising expert knowledge for IRDs.” Making the solution available on Heidelberg’s AppWay should also foster collaboration with other researchers to further validate the science and provide a platform for future clinical practice, he said.


“We are poised to empower eyecare professionals with comprehensive insights into the genetic diagnosis of IRDs, ultimately enhancing treatment outcomes and improving patient care,’ said Heidelberg’s managing director Arianna Schoess Vargas. “Researchers can (use the technology) to predict which gene is causing the inherited disease, offering a glimpse into the future of precision medicine in ophthalmology.”