MDNZ launches online referral tool
MDNZ has launched a new referral tool to help recently diagnosed AMD patients

MDNZ launches online referral tool

July 5, 2024 Staff reporters

Macular Degeneration New Zealand (MDNZ) has launched an online referral tool to make it easier for healthcare providers to refer patients with macular degeneration to MDNZ.


“Referral to MDNZ at the earliest opportunity will enable the person with macular degeneration to gain a good understanding of their disease, know there is support if they need it, and most importantly, how to live a good life with macular degeneration,” said general manager Sarah Berman.


A brief description of the patient’s AMD (early, intermediate, late- atrophic or neovascular) and if there is anything in particular the patient may need, such as a patient information pack, information about support options in their neighbourhood or just a listening ear, is all that is required, she said. “Once the referral is received, the patient will immediately receive an email confirming receipt and within a week, they will hear from MDNZ through a personalised email or phone call.”


As there is no cost to access MDNZ services, people can remain connected to the charitable trust for many years, receiving newsletters and then re-engaging as they need to when they have a question or concern, or require more information, said Berman.


The referral form can be found at or via the QR code below: