Seeing the light with myopia

July 8, 2024 Staff reporters

Preliminary results of a clinical trial of MyopiaX, a low-level laser device to treat progressive myopia in children, showed it was safe and tolerable and produced proof-of-concept data, reported its German developer Dopavision.


MyopiaX non-invasively delivers targeted photobiomodulation to the eye using a virtual reality headset and wireless controller while the patient engages with age-appropriate digital content. The treatment is designed to stimulate retinal cells to increase dopamine production, which has the potential to regulate eye growth, said the company.


The results of the MyopiaX-1 trial, involving 124 children aged 6-12 years, from six European countries, are an important addition to the existing evidence supporting the mechanism of action of MyopiaX, said coordinating investigator Professor Ian Flitcroft, principal investigator at the Centre for Eye Research Ireland. “The six-month outcomes represent a significant step in the clinical development of MyopiaX.”


The trial is scheduled to be completed in September 2024.