Validation for myopia CLs

May 15, 2024 Staff reporters

At ARVO 2024, CooperVision announced positive results of both a 10-year study of its MiSight 1 Day lens and another evaluating the impact of overnight wear of its Paragon CRT Dual Axis ortho-k lens. 


Researchers at the UK’s Aston University completed a 10-year study to evaluate the impact of the soft hydrogel MiSight 1 Day lenses on subjects’ corneal endothelium. Twenty myopes aged eight to 12 years wore the lenses for 10 hours a day, with researchers comparing their endothelial cell densities (ECD) with 20 aged-matched controls who did not wear lenses. No significant difference in ECD was found between the two groups, they said, and concluded MiSight caused no significant long-term impact on the central corneal endothelium in children. 


In China, a separate study recorded a low incidence of mild device-related ocular adverse events (OAEs) among myopes wearing CooperVision’s Paragon CRT Dual Axis ortho-k lenses overnight. For one year, 177 Chinese subjects aged eight to 43 years wore the lenses. OAEs, including corneal epithelial defects (13 subjects), chronic conjunctivitis (six subjects), and one case of ocular dryness, occurred in 8.5% of subjects, but were described by researchers as mild, tolerable and having no long-term impact.